The app is crashing (suddenly closing) or doing some weird things that it probably shouldn't, what can I do about this?

The most common solution to fix problems with any app is to shut down all apps running in the background and restart your device. Here's how:

Does your device have a Home button?
1) Double-tap the Home button to reveal all of the apps running in the background
1) Swipe up from the bottom edge of the screen and pause in the center to reveal all of the apps running in the background

2) Swipe up on each app to stop it from running in the background — when all apps have been shut down, you should only see the Home screen

3) Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button for 3 seconds

4) Swipe the red button that appears to turn off your device

5) Press the Sleep/Wake button again to turn your device back on

The app is STILL crashing or doing weird things after I restarted my device AND closed all apps running in the background, any ideas?

Yes! Send us an email from the Contact Us page and describe the problem you're experiencing in as much detail as possible and we'd be happy to help you get to the bottom of it!

I'm dragging my finger across the screen, but I don't see any marks on the canvas, what gives?

There are several reasons why you may not be seeing any marks on the canvas when trying to paint or draw a brush stroke.

• If the canvas is blank and the current brush mode is the Eraser or Dry Brush, then brush strokes will have no effect on the canvas. Open the Brush menu and make sure the brush mode is a Wet Brush in this case.

• If the opacity of the current brush is 0%, then wet brush strokes will have no effect on the canvas. Use the Quick Change hotspot at the top of the screen to check and adjust the opacity of the current brush, if necessary.

• If the current color is exactly the same as the color on the canvas, then brush strokes will have no effect in this case either. Open the Color menu and make sure the currently selected color is different from the color on the canvas.

• If you aren't using a pressure sensitive stylus on iPad Air 2 or older, make sure all of the corresponding switches are off in the Pressure Sensitive Styli section of the Settings menu.

• If you aren't using Apple Pencil, make sure the Paint Only With Pencil option is off in the Pencil section of the Settings menu.

• One last thing to try is pressing the Reset button in the Brush menu to bring all of the current brush's settings back to the original defaults.

Is there an Android version of Inspire or Inspire Pro?

Nope! We are a very small start-up company and we barely have time to keep up with all of the device and iOS updates Apple releases each year. We just don't have the time to support any other platforms yet.

Is there a desktop version of Inspire Pro for Mac OS?

No to this one too unfortunately, but it would take a shorter amount of time to create a Mac OS version of an app than an Android version, so there is a better chance of a desktop version than an Android version in the near future.

Were the paintings that come with the app really created with Inspire on an iPhone or Inspire Pro on an iPad?!?!

They sure were! Check out our YouTube channel for a bunch of fast-forward Canvas Playback videos to see how talented artists create amazing artwork with Inspire and Inspire Pro.